CS473UG - Algorithms (undergraduate section) - Fall 2007

Tue Thu 11:00-12:15, 1404 Siebel Center

Chandra Chekuri (chekuri@cs.uiuc.edu), 3228 Siebel Center
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2pm or by arrangement

Teaching assistants:
Charles Blatti, Office hours/location: Monday 3-4 and Wednesday 11-12 in 0207 Siebel Center
Tracy Grauman, Office hours/location: Wednesday 4-5 at a central 3rd floor whiteboard
Chia-Chi Lin

Course materials:



Students are assumed to have mastered the material taught in CS 225 (basic algorithms and data structures) and CS 273 (discrete mathematics). Please note that "mastery" is not the same as "exposure" or even "a good grade". Hence, Homework Zero.

Required textbook:
Jon Kleinberg and Éva Tardos. Algorithm Design. Addison-Wesley, 2005.

Other recommended reading:
Jeff Erickson's course material (highly recommended) from Fall 2006.
Mahesh Viswanathan's class notes from Spring 2007.
Sariel Har-Peled's course material (mostly for the graduate level).
Book: Algorithms by Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, Vazirani. On reserve at Grainger. Very readable and nice book (highly recommended).
Book: Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein. On reserve at Grainger.
Book: Computers and Intractability by Garey and Johnson. On reserve at Grainger.

Newsgroup: class.cs473ug on the news server news.cs.uiuc.edu
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Coursework and Grading:
Ignoring bonus points, and allocating 20% to each midterm, 35% for the final exam, and 25% for oral group presentations and written homeworks, the following ranges correspond to the indicated "unadjusted" grades. Class Percentile is computed after first eliminating "bottom dwellers" from the pool. This group, up to a maximum of 5% of class, comprises those students who in the opinion of the professor appear to have given up, or are not trying, or do not realize they are actually enrolled.

Use whichever criterion (class percentile, coursework percentage) gives the most favorable grade

Class PercentileGradeCoursework Percentage Earned
<5F< 60

The Class Percentile above (left column) is meant as the main grading criterion. The Coursework Percentage (right column) may result in a higher grade in the event that there is little spread on the course distribution, rendering percentile less informative. Typically this happens when exams and homeworks are too easy (which is another way of saying that typically this doesn't happen). The instructor reserves the right to make the cutpoints in the Coursework Percentage column more generous.

After base grades are calculated, extra credit from head-banging session and from typing homework will be factored in. Extra credit will modify your base grade by at most half a letter grade. So if you are failing, it will probably not help you, but if you have a B+, it might help you raise your grade to an A-.

Why are there two algorithms classes?