2011 Distinguished Service Award

The Illinois Computer Science Distinguished Service Award honors computer science alumni or faculty who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to the department and its students, faculty, and alumni through their support and service. The award is presented at the Awards Banquet each fall.

Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award are solicited annually from alumni, faculty, and advisory board members. Nominate a fellow alumnus today at my.cs.illinois.edu/submit.

Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering in 1980. He co-founded Advanced Systems Concepts in Schaumburg, Illinois in November of 1982 and helped to author software involving database systems and programmer productivity aids. The company was sold in 2006. Ira has remained active in various charitable pursuits including the American Cancer Society and the Jesse Owens Foundation. He also has remained connected to the University through the Computer Science Department and College of Engineering and is a current member of the University of Illinois Foundation.

Last updated: 2011.

Dan Peterson
Product Manager, Google

Dan Peterson is a Product Manager on Google+ with a passion for developer platforms and open source projects. Dan was a member of the Google Wave team, where he grew the developer community and promoted the federation protocol. Prior to that, Dan helped establish the OpenSocial specification, Apache Shindig, co-founded the OpenSocial Foundation, and guided the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) team as it became an open source project. Dan began at Google on the core infrastructure team, contributing to web search and data center management. Dan earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as minors in Technology & Management and Philosophy. Dan is also active on the Department of Computer Science’s Executive Advisory Council and an occasional angel investor.

Last updated: 2011.