2014 Distinguished Achievement Award

The CS @ ILLINOIS Distinguished Achievement Award honors computer science graduates who have made professional and technical contributions that bring distinction to themselves, the department, and the University. The award is presented at the CS @ Illinois Awards Banquet each fall.

Nominations for the Distinguished Achievement Award are solicited annually from alumni, faculty, and advisory board members. Nominate an alumnus today at my.cs.illinois.edu/submit.

Steve Chen
Entrepreneur in Residence, Google

Steve Chen is a technology innovator and entrepreneur who co-founded YouTube. He is also co-founder of AVOS Systems, which builds a common technology platform to speed app development and whose products help people create, find, and share multimedia content.

Jason Cong
Chancellor's Professor, UCLA 

Formerly the CS department chair at UCLA, Jason Cong (MS CS '87, PhD '90) is an academic and entrepreneurial leader in electric design automation and is widely known for pioneering work on FPGA technology mapping and high-level synthesis. He has founded or co-founded three companies and trained more than 30 doctoral students.

Jawed Karim
Founder/Partner, Y Ventures

Jawed Karim (BS CS ’04) is an entrepreneur and tech startup mentor who co-founded YouTube. He also helped develop the real-time antifraud systems for PayPal. With Y Ventures, he helps entrepreneurs to move their innovative products into the marketplace.

Kenichi Miura
Professor Emeritus, National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo, Japan)

Kenichi Miura (MS CS ’71, PhD ’73) is an innovative researcher and corporate executive who made significant contributions to Fujitsu’s VP series of vector supercomputers, demonstrating how vectorizing compilers effectively take advantage of hardware architectures. His numerical algorithms expertise led to systems for high-speed execution of scientific computational applications. From 2003 to 2008, he directed the Japanese National Research Grid Initiative (NAREGI).

Trevor Mudge
Bredt Family Professor, University of Michigan

Trevor Mudge (MS CS ’73, PhD ’77) is an outstanding educator and researcher whose work has significantly advanced the field of low-power computer architecture and its interaction with technology. His students can be found throughout academia and the semiconductor industry.

Linda Petzold
Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Past CS department chair at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Linda Petzold (BA Math & CS ’74, PhD CS ’78) is an innovative researcher who advanced new methods for computationally solving differential algebraic equations and incorporated these solutions into widely distributed software. A creative teacher and mentor, she has made pioneering contributions to computational science and engineering education.

Parisa Tabriz
Chrome Security Manager, Google

Also known as Google’s Security Princess, Parisa Tabriz (BS CS ’05, MS ’07) is lead for the Chrome/Chromium Security engineering team. She got her start learning how to exploit software in ACM @ UIUC, and then leveraged the “attacker mindset” to improve the security of Google software and teach other developers to do the same, protecting billions of Internet users from malicious cyber attacks.

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