Computer Science + Chemistry

Students majoring in CS + Chemistry are prepared for a variety of careers, including helping manufacturers design more productive and efficient processes, helping pharmaceutical firms characterize new compounds for drug discovery, and conducting research that requires studying the fundamental properties of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions.

CS + Chemistry majors might develop computer models or simulate chemical and biochemical processes, perform statistical analysis of large data sets, or create visualizations of reaction pathways, molecular interactions, or other phenomena.

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Alumni Spotlight

Michelle Zheng (BS CS + Chem '16) now works for Salesforce.Michelle Zheng (BS CS + Chem '16) was the first student to earn this hybrid degree at Illinois, which became available during her junior year. At the time, Zheng was a chemistry major taking CS courses. “Often, I was the only non-CS student in the class,” Zheng said.  “The best thing about CS + Chemistry is having the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary fields and meeting people on campus with a variety of different interests and aspirations.”

After graduating, Zheng joined Salesforce, an Internet-based customer relationship management (CRM) company, as a software engineer. She also works at Miss Possible, a campus start-up company whose dolls and apps encourage girls to pursue science and technology careers. Initially a student intern, Zheng continues to design chemistry experiments and write software in support of the Marie Curie doll.