Media Coverage

A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains how AI will change the world

October 5, 2016 - Marc Andreessen (BS '94) "argues that recent breakthroughs mean artificial intelligence has the potential to spawn a new generation of big, important technology companies. At the same time, he acknowledges that certain industries have proven stubbornly resistant to technological change — and he argues that more work is needed to bring the power of software to every corner of the economy."

Thomas Siebel

U. of I. gets $25M from tech entrepreneur Thomas Siebel for new design center

October 4, 2016  

Chicago Tribune - "The two-story building, called the Siebel Center for Design, will feature a variety of spaces, including workshops for things like 3D printing and laser cutting, digital media studios for audio recording, and immersive technologies for virtual reality."  Additional Coverage: WAND News, News-Gazette,

Trump Says Profiling Has Protected Israel. It Probably Wouldn’t Work Here.

September 28, 2016  

FiveThirtyEight - CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson is quoted in this article discussing whether Israeli-style security methods would work in the United States. "The scale of security needed in Israel is also much more limited. For example, the U.S. has more than 100 times the number of air passengers as Israel does. 'It would be impossible to scale what they’re doing,' Jacobson said."

Women And Computer Science | The 21st Show

September 14, 2016  

Illinois Public Media - CS Professor Sarita Adve and Women in Computer Science President Corly Leung talked about the growth of women in CS. Listen to their interview starting at 17:15.

3d model of project

New Money: IL Drone Startup Used in Sacramento Kings Arena Construction Raises $$

September 6, 2016  

Chicago Inno - Reconstruct, a startup co-founded by CS Associate Professor Derek Hoiem, has raised $850,000 in seed funding.  Reconstruct uses drones to create 3D modeling for construction management.

Women in CS photo

46% of Incoming Computer Science Majors in UIUC's College of Engineering Are Women

August 25, 2016  

Chicago Inno - "Computer science classes at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are going to look a little different this fall than they have in the past. Nearly half--46 percent--of the 190 incoming freshman computer science students in UIUC’s College of Engineering are women."

Roger Dickey

With Gigster Anyone Can Hire A Great Developer From Facebook Or Google

August 23, 2016  

Forbes - The mission behind Roger Dickey’s (BS CS ’05) company, Gigster? Solve the quality problem for the software engineering gig economy.

Jacobson Photo

UI's Election Analytics website has Clinton winning comfortably -- for now

August 17, 2016  

The News-Gazette Election Analytics, a project by Professor Sheldon Jacobson and his students, will give weekly updates through November to The News Gazette about the state of the 2016 election. 

Bill Gropp

Bill Gropp Named Acting Director of NCSA

August 15, 2016  

HPCwire  - "Dr. William 'Bill' Gropp, has been named acting director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Peng Ong

After 20 Years & 3 Unicorns, This VC Believes Purpose Is The Key To Succeed

July 18, 2016  

Forbes - Alumnus Peng Ong (MS CS '88) discussed what he has learned during his career as an entreprenuer. 

Microsoft Reports a Big Leap Forward for DNA Data Storage

July 7, 2016  

MIT Technology Review - Alumni Luis Ceze (PhD CS '07) and Karin Strauss (PhD CS '07) set a new record for DNA storage by writing a record 200 megabytes of data.  Additional coverage: Nature, Engadget, US News & World Rep