Media Coverage

A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

CS Professor Grigore Rosu

Bootstrapping in Chicago

April 23, 2019  

ChicagoInno -- "Runtime Verification, founded in 2011 and based in Urbana, is building technology that identifies problems in a company’s software. Since launching, Runtime has grown only on revenue made from its business contracts. It now employs a team of 30."

Professor and Fulton Watson Copp Chair Emeritus

Stage Players: Michael and Mona Heath

April 23, 2019  

WTTW-TV -- Public TV in Chicago features a short video profile of “obsessive theatre-goers and philanthropists” Michael and Mona Heath.

Internet Browsers Became Mainstream 26 Years Ago Today

April 22, 2019  

Digit -- Today marks the 26th Anniversary of the 1.0 version of the Mosaic browser. The easiest way to explain Mosaic would be to say that it’s the great grandpappy of the browser you are using to read this story. Launched back in 1993, Mosaic was developed at the University of Illinois.

Facebook Invests $4M to Expand Computer Science Master’s Program

April 18, 2019  

Geekwire -- Facebook has invested $4.2 million to expand a Northeastern University computer science master’s program that helps people from other fields get into tech to the University of Illinois, Georgia Tech, and Columbia.

Finding a Home Base in Crisis With Anemone

April 16, 2019  

Smile Politely -- Illinois CS student Ananya Cleetus has developed an app, called Anemone, for helping people handle mental health issues. She says she is currently on leave but plans to return to school in the fall.

C3 Chairman and CEO Tom Siebel

Could Artificial Intelligence Save the Pentagon $15 Billion a Year?

April 15, 2019  

C4ISRNET -- After several years in which he turned down similar requests from the Chinese government, Pentagon representatives contacted Tom Siebel in 2015. Like their Chinese counterparts, US officials wanted help with artificial intelligence. Within six months, Siebel's C3 had demonstrated a reduction of as much as 28 percent of unscheduled maintenance events for the E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft.

University of Illinois Lands a $100M Gift to Engineering School — Again

April 15, 2019  

Chicago Tribune -- The University of Illinois’ acclaimed College of Engineering has received a record $100 million gift and will be renamed the Grainger College of Engineering. Also covered by The Associated Press, Inside Higher Education

Lecturer Ryan Cunningham

Campus Conversation: Ryan Cunningham

April 10, 2019  

The News-Gazette/Campus Conversation podcast -- Lecturer Ryan Cunningham appears in an interesting conversation that touched on ethics in CS, how the department’s ethics courses regularly evolve to reflect current events, the impacts of social media, protecting privacy rights, and more. "If we're going to find out what privacy means in the digital age, the thing that we need to do is have a conversation about it."

High School Students Attend SAIL at Illinois CS

April 10, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- Members of the Tuscola High School Hack Club attended SAIL— a one-day event to spotlight Computer Science at the University of Illinois (scroll down near the end of the News-Gazette's High School Confidential feature).

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Should We Embrace Metro’s Broken Escalators for Keeping Us In Shape?

April 9, 2019  

The Washington Post -- Escalators in Washington, D.C., Metro stations often break. But that may be a good thing, according to research from Illinois CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson. “When people use public transit, they typically must walk (or) cycle to the stop/station, and on the back end, do the same," Jacobson said via email. “Also, during the transit ride, they may stand (more calories burned)."

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Illinois Professor Improves Airport Security Systems

April 8, 2019  

The Daily Illini -- After the events of Sept. 11, 2001, the federal government increased airport security and changed the system for screening passengers. In 2011, airports introduced Transportation Security Administration precheck, a process developed with the help of work done by Sheldon Jacobson, a Computer Science professor.

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

The Fight in Illinois Begins Again to Protect Your Vote

April 5, 2019  

Chicago Sun-Times -- "Gerrymandering has been around since the early days of the Republic, but powerful computers and big data have made the practice much more effective. … Scientists at the University of Illinois proposed a way to take politics out of redistricting by letting a carefully designed algorithm draw the maps," referencing research by Professor Sheldon Jacobson.

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Airport Officials, TSA to Talk Prevention Following Security Breach, Attack

April 3, 2019  

KUTV -- Illinois CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson says a security breach at the airport in Salt Lake City a “fairly isolated incident with a bad outcome,” and said one to two airport security breaches happen each month nationwide.

Illinois CS alum Kamilah Taylor

Celebrating Women in STEM: Kamilah Taylor

April 3, 2019  

UMKC University News -- Women of color account for roughly 18 percent of the U.S. population, but less than 10 percent of bachelor’s degrees earned in computing, and less than 6 percent of tech leadership positions in Silicon Valley. But change is coming, and one woman leading the charge is software engineer and Illinois CS graduate Kamilah Taylor (MS '10).

Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen

Andreessen Horowitz Is Blowing Up The Venture Capital Model (Again)

April 2, 2019  

Forbes -- Marc Andreessen, the Illinois CS alum whose Netscape browser was a touchstone moment of the digital age, has new take: “The 21st century is the century of disagreeableness,” an era of information overload in which those “disagreeables” will challenge the status quo and create billion-dollar companies.

Why Israeli Research is Such a Hot Ticket Worldwide

March 31, 2019  

Israel21c -- Tel Aviv University and Yissum, the tech-transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are partners with the University of Illinois, University of Chicago and Northwestern University in the new $500 million Discovery Partners Institute, supported by the State of Illinois and the city of Chicago.

Entering the Race for Tip-Top Tech Talent: Caterpillar

March 29, 2019  

Crain's Chicago Business -- Caterpillar Digital moved into new Chicago offices in September. Like other big companies, Cat is responding to the disruption created by Apple, Amazon and others, and competing with them for tech talent -- something students aren't always aware of. "It doesn't seem like (Caterpillar) would have as much need," said Anushka Bose, a freshman computer science major at the University of Illinois.

Associate Professor Craig Zilles

First 9 Recipients of Discovery Partners Institute Seed Grants Announced

March 28, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- Projects to help communities adopt sustainable development strategies and create a statewide pipeline to train computer-science teachers are among those funded in the Discovery Partners Institute's first round of seed grants. The teacher-training program is led in part by Illinois CS Associate Professor Craig Zilles.

The planned Engineering Instructional Facility

Groundbreaking for U of I's $75M Campus Instructional Facility Set for April 12

March 28, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- With two dozen state-of-the-art classrooms, more than almost any campus building, the four-story building will be used for courses in engineering, math, statistics, computer science, and related courses, all high-demand programs that are in need of more space.

Professor Gul Agha

Gul Agha Shares Research on Wireless Sensors Used to Monitor Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

March 27, 2019  

Illinois Innovators podcast -- Gul Agha, professor of computer science and Director of the Open Systems Laboratory at the University of Illinois, joins the program. His widely cited work, "Actors: A Model of Concurrent Computing in Distributed Systems," provided a basis for a number of research projects in concurrent programming. Actor frameworks have been used to program Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Chat, and more.